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Add Phone Number To Zoom Registration
Add Phone Number To Zoom Registration
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If you want to use Roezan's native Zoom integration for webinar reminders, you'll need to update Zoom's registration fields to allow for phone numbers.

This is important because this is where Roezan will be pulling the phone numbers from to send the messages.

In Zoom, go to Webinars > Select your webinar

Scroll down to "Registration Settings" and click the edit link on the right-hand side:

Select Phone to allow phone numbers upon registration and click Save:


Make sure to test your registration process to ensure that phone numbers are being passed correctly into Zoom.

You can do this by creating a test registration, and checking it in Zoom to make sure the phone number is displayed.

In your Zoom Account, go to Webinars, then click your webinar:

Scroll to the bottom under Manage Attendees and click edit

Select your test registration:

Ensure that the phone number is listed:

If the phone number is not appearing, then the contact will NOT be passed to Roezan.

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