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SMS is an excellent way to remind people about upcoming, time-sensitive events.

We developed Roezan "Events" beta to help automate this, allowing you to send out customized notifications at pre-specified intervals automatically.

There are a lot of use cases for this, but the primary one is Webinar reminders, which we'll detail a bit later.

About Event Reminders

Events come standard with 4 reminder options:

  • Upon registration

  • 1 Day before event

  • 1 Hour before event

  • 5 Min before event

You can customize the text messages, add in personalization, and even include an auto-shortened unique join link.

Automated Zoom Webinar SMS Reminders With Our Native Zoom Integration

With our Zoom integration, you can automatically import contacts and send reminders for upcoming webinars.

One problem with sending the unique join links in SMS is that the Zoom links are by default very long and ugly.

To solve this, we even built an automatic link shortener for you!

Learn more about Zoom Webinar Reminders here.

Custom Event SMS Reminders

You can also set up a custom event reminder in case you're not using zoom. This is great for live events or events that aren't on Zoom.

When you set up a custom event, you'll select a "list" that the event will be based on.

You can use an existing list, or create a new list for the event. We suggest creating a new clean list so you can keep it organized.

Welcome Message

You can set up a "welcome message" for when someone registers for your webinar.

This message is triggered when someone is added to your list.

Note: If there were contacts on the list prior to activating the welcome message, they will not receive this welcome message. The welcome message will only go out to contacts added to the list after the message is activated.

Webinar Reminders

All contacts on the list will receive webinar reminders that you set up.

Using Roezan's Link Shortener

Any links created with the Roezan merge tags it will auto-shorten it with our domain.

You can use the "short unique link" or the "webinar join link" with custom events.

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