Roezan now supports an integration with Zoom for Zoom Webinars!

The primary use-case is to create relative text reminders that will be sent out to all Webinar Registrants that have registered with their phone number, or have a corresponding Contact card within Roezan that can be detected via Email or Phone (when registrants are fetched, we attempt to map those to existing Contacts in Roezan and then associate those Contacts with the created Roezan Event aka Zoom Webinar).

To get started with the Roezan-Zoom integration follow these steps:

Adding the App:


  1. RECOMMENDED: For all existing and future webinars that you create on Zoom, edit the Webinar details: update the QUESTIONS to include the Phone Number as a registration question and mark it as required. This will ensure that ALL registrations that are submitted to Zoom are properly sent to Roezan and the corresponding Roezan Contact is created and assigned to the related Event in Roezan.

  2. To get started, we can synchronize your existing (non-expired) Zoom Webinars by clicking the SYNC WEBINARS button on the Zoom Integration page

    • This will redirect you to the EVENTS page ( where the application will do several things while you wait:

      1. Fetch all non-expired Zoom Webinars

      2. Save the Webinars as Integration Events in Roezan

      3. Fetch all the Registrants for each Zoom Webinar

      4. Save all the Registrants as Integration Event Registrants in Roezan

      5. Create up to four default reminders for each Integration Event:

        1. A "send-upon-registration" confirmation message which will be sent out to any future registrants that Roezan receives from Zoom (via webhook request) - anyone that is registered in Zoom as a registrant for a given event

        2. Up to three scheduled reminders that have a standard reminder message about your Webinar (Event), that will be sent out One Day prior, One Hour prior and Five Minutes prior to the start time of the event

  3. Once Webinars & Registrants are saved in the Roezan system, the Zoom integration is shown as a row under Integrations, and the saved Events are shown as rows in the Events table

  4. Click the cog wheel on an Event row to view more information about it and to manage the text reminders for that event

  5. You can update or delete the existing reminders by clicking the pencil/trash can icons on the right side of any reminder, as well as deactivate any reminder by toggling the switch in the "Reminders" column

  6. To add a new Reminder, click the ADD A NEW REMINDER button on the right hand side

  7. Set the details for any new reminder (timing, before v. after, and a personalized, relevant message) and click ADD REMINDER

  8. To view all the registrants for a given event, click the list icon button on the Events page for a given Event

    1. This will redirect you to the Contacts page with the Event-related List specified, showing only contacts that will be messaged in each of the related Event Reminder text messages

    2. Registrants (Contacts) are created automatically within Roezan when they register through your Webinar Registration form

      1. Zoom Webinar Registration Submitted > Contact created in Roezan & Added to Webinar Event List

      2. It's possible to simply create a Contact manually on the Contacts page ( and yes they will receive Event reminders, but there isn't an automatic relation made between that Roezan Contact and the existing Registrants on Zoom's platform - meaning that Contact won't have a Unique Zoom Join Link available when sending them Reminder messages

Removing the App

  1. Removing the integration from your account is easy and can be done from either your Zoom account or from within Roezan

    1. From Zoom:

      1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

      2. Click Manage >> Added Apps or search for the "Roezan" app.

      3. Click the "Roezan" app.

      4. Click Remove.

    2. From Roezan:

      1. Navigate back to the Zoom Integration page at

      2. Click the *REMOVE button (it's red) and take note of the asterisk & footnote (removing the app has implications - see (b) below)

  2. By removing your Roezan from your Zoom account, you will be revoking the permissions you previously granted the app. Furthermore, Roezan will completely remove the Zoom Account Integration, corresponding Account Integration Events, and all subsequent Account Integration Event Reminders & Registrants from your account. All that will remain is the historical message data for any text messages sent from Roezan to your Contacts


  1. If you have any issues seeing your existing Webinar events you can always remove the integration as described in step (3) above and then re-add the application & go through the SYNC WEBINARS step above. This will request all the data from Zoom again and freshly create it in the Roezan system

  2. If you don't see all of your registrants (or the same number that you have registered in Zoom) under the Event Contact List (step 2.g.) then you might not have your Webinar configured properly or the registrants don't have phones associated with them, OR the registrants' emails aren't the same as the ones of those existing contacts in the Roezan system (we won't create contacts without a phone number, but if we have an existing contact and a Zoom Registrant comes through with just the email that matches a contact, we'll associate that registrant with the Event and Event Contact List!)

    1. It's best to edit the QUESTIONS for your Webinars (in your Zoom Webinar details) to enable collecting Phone Number as well as marking Phone Number to be required to ensure maximum Roezan text marketing capabilities to the most amount of people)


  1. Do Zoom Webinar Registrants have a unique join link and is it saved for each contact/registrant?

    1. Yes! You can access this by putting it into your Reminder messages with the Personalization tag %UNIQUE_JOIN_LINK%. There is another tag called %WEBINAR_JOIN_LINK% but this is the general join link and is not unique to each user

  2. Is there a link shortening function for the join links (they're very long)?

    1. We encourage you to use your own shortened link from a reputable service, however, we're currently developing our own link shortening solution and will be able to automatically apply that to any and all links that you want to message to your contacts. Yes, there will also be tracking & analytics for those links too!

  3. Will new Webinars automatically appear and be created as Events in Roezan?

    1. Yes, all new webinars are sent to Roezan and will be created automatically with the default reminders

  4. Can I edit the default reminders?

    1. Not YET but very, very soon

  5. Can I duplicate the reminders?

    1. Not YET but very, very soon

Contact Support

  1. If you have any questions, you can contact us at and we'll get back to you very quickly (we are passionate!)

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